Corrective Body Care

(Hair Restoration, Treatment of Dark Spots/Skin Tags, Permanent Makeup and Body Tattoo Removal)

For Permanent Makeup or Tattoo Removal:

A Perfect Touch is now offering the ONLY safe, certified, pain free, laser free, chemical free, saline free, damage free pigment extraction treatment in the industry, TattooRemoov™️, by Linda Paradis. This revolutionary new treatment requires no numbing, and results can be accomplished in half the amount of treatments as traditional laser removal lightening, with ZERO scarring or burning of the skin and underlying tissues.

With TattooRemoov™️, there is:

– NO pain, NO need for numbing

– NO heat or lasers

– NO scarring

– NO loss of hair or damage to skin

– NON invasive, NON surgical

– NO chemical tattoo lightening

– NO saline lightening

– NO dermabrasion

– NO kidding!

So, how does it work? TattooRemoov™️ Is a similar process as traditional permanent makeup or body art tattooing, however there are no needles penetrating the skin. The hand piece passes over the skin, and thanks to the patented round square needles, none of the needles actually pierce or penetrate the skin. What does happen is that the TattooRemoov™️ Solution (comprised of food and cosmetic molecules, which are not dangerous for your health or your skin) is pulled into the skin, bonds with previously implanted pigment molecules, and then that new double molecule is pulled up and out through the skin due to the magnetized action of the needle cartridge, which literally pulls the metals in the pigments out of the skin. The most fascinating part is that you can actually see the pigments coming out of the skin with each gentle wiping away of the solution!

Skin heals and returns to normal in just 10-21 days for facial permanent makeup removals, and 3-5 weeks fo body art tattoo removals. A surprise bonus is that this treatment actually can heal damaged skin from prior lightening methods and/or prior tattoo procedures, which creates a more workable palette for future corrective or cover up permanent makeup or body art treatments. This allows for follow up tattooing or permanent makeup in as little as 8-12 weeks after your final TatooRemoov procedure, with better results  than traditional “cover-up” work.

The number is sessions required to get the desired result depends on the pigment’s quality, quantity, depth, the age of the tattoo, individual skin phenotype, as well as the thickness and health of the skin. However, the success rate with this treatment, satisfaction of clients, and healed condition  of the skin is currently unparalleled in the industry, when technicians protocols and follow up care are followed.

Imagine no more regret!!! Then schedule your consultation today to make it a reality!

Initial Consultation – $55 (full cost of consultation is deducted from initial treatment cost should you decide to proceed).

Facial Permanent Makeup Removal – $350 for first session (one area, i.e. brows, liner, cheeks, lips, etc.), $250 for follow up sessions

Body Tattoo Removal – $350 and up for first session, depending on size of area being treated, additional sessions priced individually based on size of area and individual needs.

For Dark Spot/Skin Tags:

CryoClear® is a cutting edge way to treat age spots, sun spots and skin tags. You’ll be amazed at the reduction in treatment time and drastically improved results! Seriously!

CryoClear® freezes at – 79° C to a depth that freezes only the epidermal layer, delivering a very safe and clinically effective treatment. CryoClear’s high efficacy – over 95% – combined with less destruction of healthy tissue makes it perfect for treating age spots, sun spots and skin tags in a relatively fast and easy treatment.  In most cases, it is a one and done treatment!

Whether used as a stand-alone treatment, or in addition to a facial, chemical peel or microdermabrasion treatment to treat stubborn dark spots on the hands, face and neck, CryoClear® offers a better, faster cryotherapy solution with significant benefits.  When booked in combination with other treatments, we are happy to offer an additional $15 discount on 3 or more small dark spot removal treatments, and a additional $20 discount on two or more medium or large dark spot removal treatments!

Pricing for CryoClear Treatments:

Small Skin Tags (stalk measures about 1mm):  $55 each

Large Skin Tags (stalk measures about 2-3mm):  $85 each

Small Dark Spots (spot measures about 5mm across):  $65 each

Medium Dark Spots (spot measures about 7-8mm across):  $50 each

Large Dark Spots (about the size of a dime):  $170 and up

*Special pricing for multiple spots/skin tags treated in the same session:

Small/Medium Spots, Small/Large Skin Tags:

2-5 spots/tags – $5 off each additional spot/tag

6-9 spots/tags – $10 off each additional spot/tag

10 or more spots/tags – $15 each additional spot/tag

Large Dark Spots:

2-5 spots – $10 off each additional dark spot

6-9 spots – $15 off each additional spot

10 or more spots – $20 off each additional spot or receive the 10th spot for free!

All CryoClear treatments include an after-care kit to help you achieve the best results possible.  Repair. Renew. Rejoice!

For Hair Restoration:

Forget the old school technologies and welcome to the latest advancement in Hair Restoration Treatments with ProCell Therapies and Livra Stem Cell Hair Growth Serums.  This  breakthrough Microchanneling Treatment with cutting-edge stem cell science dramatically improves hair loss associated with male pattern baldness and/or thinning hair, with NO DOWN TIME AT ALL.  Imagine receiving an advanced esthetic treatment in a spa like setting, with no discomfort, and no downtime, where you can walk right out with your rejuvenation secret intact! Wow!Hair growth treatment before and after pics

By using the unique ProCell MicroChanneling Device, the procedure creates perfectly perpendicular, non-visible, microscopic perforations in the skin which stimulate the release of  growth factors and stimulate hair regrowth with no damage to the skin and skin’s substructures.

It is combined with cutting edge stem cell technology designed to enhance and stimulate the production and regrowth of hair.No damage equals no inflammation, and no inflammation means no downtime with the bonus of  amazing results to boot.

Clinical studies have shown this amazing treatment to have real, lasting results with little to no down-time, no pain or discomfort, and shorter healing times.

MicroChanneling for Hair Restoration pricing:

$350 per Treatment, with a recommendation of at least 3 treatments spaced 2-4 weeks apart.

Want to really see the difference this incredible system offers??? Purchase a package of 3 or more treatments and receive 5% OFF your ProCell Hair Restoration Treatments!  Purchase a package of 6 or more treatments and receive 10% OFF your Procell Hair Restoration Treatments! PLUS, all packages include complimentary LED Booster upgrades (value of $150-$300, depending on package) to further enhance and maximize results.


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