Each facial is individually customized for your skin care needs using only the highest quality, active ingredients to promote healthy, beautiful skin.

Your face, neck, and décolletage will be  treated to…

  • deep pore cleansing
  • exfoliation
  • extractions
  • massage
  • treatment masks
  • vitamin infusions
  • and sun-protective moisturizer

To complement your facial treatment your hands, arms, and shoulders are pampered with a relaxing, hydrating massage and heated hand mitts.

Our facials include…

Anti-Aging Collagen & Elastin Facial (all skin types, over 30+)

Repair and restore your skin with active cleansers and toners, Pro Strength Peptides, and now features products from Sanitas’ newly released Collagen and Elastin line. This facial will lighten, brighten and visibly plump your face, neck and décolletage!  Great for damaged, aged or hyper pigmented skin.  Turn back time!

65 minutes / $145

Purifying & Oxygenating Facial (oily, congested, or acne prone skin)

Deeply detoxifying and cleansing, this facial includes a specialty mask to ease extractions, a Blueberry Detox Peel to resurface and purify, and a High Frequency Oxygenating Treatment to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. This treatment is designed to visibly reduce pore size while detoxifying and invigorating dull or congested skin.  Your skin has never felt so fresh & so clean!

75 minutes / $145

Non Surgical Facelift Facial (all skin types, Special event, over 40+)

This facial is designed to exercise, stimulate, and feed aging skin, leaving it feeling noticeably lifted, toned, hydrated and radiant.  Through the use of anti aging acids, an Enzyme Exfoliating Booster, a Volumizing Lip Serum Booster, a Lifting Eye Serum Booster, 90% Peptides, an Argiriline/ Syn-Ake (Botox alternatives) Mask, and the all new  Non Surgical Facelift Treatment,  this facial will turn back time by delivering powerful anti-aging ingredients as deeply as possible into the skin, while simultaneously stimulating collagen and elastin production and toning the facial muscles!  Your skin never had it so good…and it shows!

[80 minutes  / $170]

Boot Camp Resurfacing Facial (Damaged, Congested, Aged skin, Pre Special Event)

A highly active amped up version of the Anti Aging facial.  This facial is designed to shape-up your skin’s surface, tone and texture with all natural acids, an enzyme peel, high concentrations of nourishing vitamins,  sonic infusions of peptides, and a 5% Retinol, Niacinamide, and Vitamin C Booster, to gently resurface and renew tired, dull skin.  If you’re looking for a completely rejuvenated, refreshed look, this is the facial for you! Great for neglected or weathered skin.

75 minutes / $160

Teen Clean Facial

This facial uses a consultative approach to educate teens on proper skin care, nutrition and sun protection. Includes a skin consultation and recommendations for future skin care solutions, deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, Lymph Drainage Massage, oil-free hydration, and sun protection.

[60 minutes / $100]

MENergizing Health Facial

An invigorating facial featuring Sanitas’ Men’s Skincare Line, designed to improve damage from too much fun in the sun and deeply cleanse your skin. Surprise yourself with healthier skin!

60 minutes / $125

Facial Add-ons…

Customize your Facial with the addition of these specialty add-ons:

Anti-aging/Anti Acne/Anti Inflammatory option-

NEW!!!  NEW!!!  LED Light Therapy

Light Therapy is the application of specific wavelengths of light to tissue to obtain therapeutic results and can be used as a powerful add-on to most of the treatments we offer, or as a stand alone treatment done 2-3 themes a week to see massive improvement in a shorter amount of time. Our state of the art LED light rotates through three different wavelengths (blue, red, and near Infrared) to give you the  best of all three worlds and reduces inflammation, stimulates fibroblastic activity, kills the p.acne bacteria, AND reduces bpain!         $50

Anti-aging options-

 Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Lift

This NEW facial add-on will blow you away with instantly visible results! Incorporating the latest, greatest skincare technology into one device, offers the most dramatic results with absolutely no down-time. We incorporate LED, Microcurrent, Radio Frequency, Electroporation and Mesoporation technology to drive highly active lifting and toning ingredients even deeper into the skin, stimulate, tone and plump the skin, relax facial muscles, and stimulate and support collagen and elastin production. Great as a stand alone treatment for special events or general rejuvenation, but even more dramatic and longer-term results are achieved with multiple treatments.         $45

Power Peptide Anti Aging Booster

With 90% Peptides amplified by sonic infusion, this Pro Strength Booster helps with serious relaxation of expression lines, plumping of fine lines, and stimulation of collagen and elastin.     $25

Resurfacing options-


Enzyme Exfoliating Booster

Boost the  exfoliation of any facial with these specialty masks to further dissolve dead surface cells for an even brighter, glowy complexion and greater penetrations of active ingredients.       $20

ABC Brightening & Resurfacing Booster

A wonderful addition to any facial or peel service, this Professional Strength (5%) dose of Vitamin A gently resurfaces, while Niacinamide and Vitamin C nourish the skin to support collagen and elastin production. Great for a subtle, but noticeable improvement in skin texture.      $30

*Create your own custom facial and take 10% off all services when combining any two Add-on Services or A la Carte Services with any facial. 

A la Carte Services…

Non Surgical Eye Lift or Luscious Lip Treatment

With the use of gentle Caviar Lime exfoliation, 90% Peptides, a Lifting Eye or Volumizing Lip Serum, and the all new Non Surgical Facelift device, your eye or lip area is given an immediately noticeable lift, with visible tone and reduction in fine lines and expression lines. Repeat treatments result in even more dramatic, longer lasting results as collagen and elastin are stimulated and encourage, and muscles and skin regain tone.  Seeing is believing, and your eyes will be amazed at what they see and how they and/or your lips look with this amazing new treatment!       $50 per area 

ThermoClear/ CryoLab for minor imperfections

Have a small imperfection that you even dying to address? Let’s add a single spot treatment tomYour facial for just $45 per spot.

*Combine any A La Carte service with any other face or body service (excluding laser services) and receive 10% off.