Painless Tattoo Removal &  Permanent Makeup Correction

That’s right we said painless. Karyn now offers the “Tattoo Remoov” treatment to remove  permanent makeup and tattoos. This patented technique offers guaranteed  results without the pain associated with lasers and other types of treatments.  

Key aspects of

Tattoo Remoov 

  • Non-invasive, non-laser method which uses needles TR88 that hovers over the skin.
  • Does not contain Lactic or Glycolic Acid nor Chlorine or Saline solutions.
  • Non-surgical.
  • The only treatment available that literally extracts the pigment up and out through the skin without heat or chemicals which can damage and/or scar the skin.
  • Not a dermabrasion process, cryo (cold therapy) tattoo removal or a chemical removal process
  • The process similar to permanent makeup but the needle does not penetrate the skin
  • Does not leave redness or scarring.
  • Does not induce hair loss.               
  • The main components of the Tattoo Removal product by Linda Paradis are food and cosmetic molecules which are harmless to your skin.

The Tattoo Removal product has a basic PH, which means it is not an acid. This technique does not use thermal waves as does the laser. Therefore, the treatment is painless and the result is guaranteed with a certain number of sessions, which varies from person to person depending on the person’s age, age of the tattoo, the depth of the tattoo, the skin type, and ink ingredients, among other factors.

State of Art Services

Permanent Makeup Removal

Non invasive and virtually pain-free tattoo removal. 

Permanent Makeup Corrections

Correction of  color,shape,placement and style with digital precision.

Tattoo Removal

Non invasive and virtually pain-free tattoo and body art removal. 

Digital Permanent Makeup

Digital Microblading and permanent makeup applied without scarring. 


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