Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup in Summit County, ColoradoImagine: permanent, no-run, waterproof color, hassle-free!

Since ancient times, thousands of women have experienced the benefits of having permanent makeup (also known as Micropigmentation or Intradermal Cosmetics). You too can experience hassle-free makeup and wake up feeling beautiful every day!

If you have ever said yes to any of the following questions, a permanent cosmetic application may be just right for you:

  • Do you worry about your appearance throughout the day because your makeup smudges or smears?
  • Are your lips or eyes losing the definition they used to have?
  • Are you frustrated with the time you spend applying your eyebrow color and getting it even?
  • Do you want your makeup to last while you swim, ski, or work in the yard?
  • Do you feel bare and incomplete without lip or brow color?
  • Would you like to feel beautiful when you first wake up in the morning?
  • Have you been wanting to treat yourself to something that will make you feel more beautiful?

Imagine makeup that is always fresh and beautiful!

Intradermal Pigmentation, also called Microigmentation, Permanent and Semi-Permanent Makeup is a non-surgical micro-procedure where tiny droplets of custom pigments are implanted into the skin in order to achieve a natural enhancement that defines your features and softens your appearance.  We feature the latest in High Definition Digital Permanent Makeup, with our Nouveau Contour Intelligent Device, in order to provide you permanent makeup that is pain-free, comfortable, customized, and a 100% guaranty of no possible cross-contamination. Additionally, we feature classic Microblading and hand applications tools to cover a variety of looks, styles and skin types.  With initial application, at least one touch-up application, and occasional touch ups to freshen up the color, implanted color can be expected to stay fresh looking anywhere from 3 to 10 years or longer!

The color can be as light or as dark as you like and is completely waterproof and hassle-free. We offer our Signature Barely Blush, Eyeshadow, traditional Eyeliner, Lash Enhancements, Stardust and Whipshaded Eyeliners, Lip Liner, Full Lip,  3-D Lips, Ombré Lips, Icy Lips, Lip Blushing, Micoblade Hairstroke Brows, Ombré and Powder Brows, NanoBrows, Wild Brows, Hybrid Brows and more!


 Digital Microblading, also called Eyebrow Embroidery, Microstroking, or Microblade Hairstroke Brows, is cutting edge in the world of permanent makeup in that you can still achieve the super fine, wispy look of brow hairs, but with little to no damage or scarring to the skin AND since the pigment is implanted slightly deeper than the hand tool method, the result is longer lasting, which means touch ups are only needed every few years.  This method of implanting pigment into the skin uses ultra fine needles (similar to traditional hand tool methods), with our state of the art digital machine,  to deliver the most realistic hair strokes for the most natural looking brows possible. If you’ve considered traditional microblading, or always dreamed of perfectly natural looking brows, this is the choice for you!

* For more information on the differences between traditional Microblading versus Digital Microblading, and why Digital is the superior method of natural looking, hair-like eyebrows, please visit my blog.

Ombré or Powder Brows may be what you’re looking for if you have a fair amount of your own brow hairs but just like a little shading behind the hairs for the added dimension and fullness it offers. Shading can be done very softly, mimicking a brow filled in with powder, or more dramatic and customized, like a Hollywood Style Brow.

Hybrid Brows, combine the best of both worlds for the most natural look possible. Hybrid Brows are the combination of ultra fine hair strokes with soft shading or softer fill in Hairstrokes in the background for a bit more dimension. The look can be classic and soft, to something more bold and fancy, depending on the client’s wishes. Hybrid Brows include the latest innovations and techniques from around the globe and include NanoBrows, Feather Brows, Wild Brows and combo Hairstroke and powder Brows.

Permanent makeup pricing

eyeliner procedure

Upper eyeliner in a beautiful teal, lower liner in Irish Moss. This is immediately after the procedure.

Eyes –

  • Upper and Lower Lash Enhancement:  $500
  • Upper OR Lower Lash Enhancment:  $250
  • Upper and Lower Eyeliner: $500
  • Upper OR Lower Liner: $300
  • Fancy/Stardust/MultiColor Upper Liner: $500 ($700 w/Lower Liner, $625 w/Lower Lash Enhancement)
  • Eyeshadow:  $450

Brows –

  • Digital Microblading Hair Stroke Brows: $650
  • Traditional Microbladed Brows: $500
  • Ombre/Powder/Fancy Shaded Brows:  $600
  • Hybrid Brows (Hairstrokes plus Simple/Powder Shading):  $700
  • Hybrid Brows – Dramatic (Hairstrokes plus Ombré Shading):  $800

Lips –

  • Lip Liner: $500
  • Blended Lip Liner: $650
  • Full Lip Soft: $850
  • Full Lip “3-D Lip”: $950
  • Icy Lips / Lip Blushing : $400
  • Cleft Palate Correction:  $400 and up

Cheeks – 

  • Blusher (apples of cheeks):$450
  • Blusher with Highlight:  $550

Other –

  • Beauty Mark: $150
  • Scar Camouflage:  $250 and up 
  • Scalp Micropigmentation: $500 per zone 
  • Color Corrections:  $250/hour

* All appointments require a consultation prior to the intital application appointment.

** A photo gallery page is coming in the near future!

***  Latex models images will also be coming soon, and will be posted here alongside pricing, as they help decipher and visually represent the different types and styles of Permanent Makeup that we specialize in. For now, I have them available to share in person at your consultation.

With state-of-the-art topical anesthetics, most clients report feeling no discomfort during any procedures.

Most clients report no discomfort during any

Details, details, details…

  • There is a non-refundable $50 fee for a permanent make up consultation. During the consultation you will be patch-tested for possible allergies or sensitivities to all the product that may be used for your procedure, decide which style of permanent makeup you’d like, choose your color(s), fill out paperwork, confirm pricing, and answer any questions you may have about the process.
  • There is a 3-day wait period after the test patches before the initial application can be done, which may be waived upon client’s request.
  • Since Permanent Makeup tattoo procedures are multi-session processes, you are required to come back for at least one touch-up application/perfecting session before your work is considered complete.  Touch-up visits are scheduled 5-6 weeks after the original application.
  • The cost of your Permanent Makeup application includes your customized design and mapping, initial application, touch-up/perfecting application (if needed), and a customized After-Care Kit.
  • The cost of each treatment has been determined by how many hours each service generally requires. Additional application hours are $100 per hour, may have to be scheduled separately if not booked in advance, and are not prorated.

Does permanent makeup sound great to you?

If Permanent Makeup sounds great to you, please contact me at my Colorado permanent makeup studio for more information.  I would love to talk with you more about how permanent makeup can make you feel and look your best from first thing in the morning, to your afternoon work-out and right on through your evening on the town!

Happy permanent makeup client testimonials:

“I am a retired registered nurse and am very aware of sterile technique. I was very impressed with Karyn’s knowledge, expertise and guidance. I feel very comfortable having her perform permanent makeup application on me and very comfortable with her suggestions. I am in good hands!”  – Laurie P., Texas/Colorado

“Karyn takes time to explain things. She makes sure you understand the procedure as well as tries to understand what you want. She answers any questions and takes as much time as needed to get things done right. During the aftercare, she gets back via text or email and checks to see how things are. She rocks! :)” – Kristin S., Colorado

“I just had permanent eyeliner applied by Karyn. I LOVE it! I highly recommend this for busy moms on the go. I run out of the house and don’t apply eyeliner or mascara anymore. I’m ready to go all the time! Plus it is great not having to remove eye makeup at night anymore either. Karyn is truly an expert and artist and made what you would think would be a very uncomfortable procedure (tattooing your eyelids!) quite easy and pleasant. Thank you!!!!”  – Lauretta B., Colorado

“Karyn is awesome and can fix anyone, no matter how bad their prior permanent makeup job is. I also felt no pain at all which was amazing!!! I will go back and recommend her to all of my friends.”  -Julie V., Colorado

“My new eyebrows are wonderful. For some unknown reason, (yes, I was checked out by several docs) my eyebrows started falling out. Karyn magically gave me new ones. They are beautiful! She is very professional and a perfectionist. She is very caring and the procedure was painless. Thank you, Karyn!”  – Daphne S., Colorado

“No pain environment! Beautiful work!”  – Cathy B., Colorado

“Wonderful service!! Karyn did a beautiful job and she is so friendly!”  – Robin T., Colorado


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