Meet Karyn Blanco, Skincare Expert

Owner/Esthetician, skin care expert, A Perfect Touch 

Healthy skin is beautiful skin!

I fully believe this and invite you to join me in discovering the most healthy, beautiful, balanced you possible. I specialize in providing my clients with custom, results-driven skincare solutions in a relaxing, clean, professional environment.

As a Licensed Esthetician & Certified Permanent Makeup Artist since 2005, I have made it my goal to help clients achieve their best skin possible so that they can feel confident putting their best face and body forward. 

A holistic focus

My focus on health and beauty from a holistic perspective offers a unique approach to reaching the goal of beautiful skin. My background in chemistry, biology, human physiology, psychology and nutrition combine with my passions for problem-solving, helping others, and sharing information to allow me to offer something unique where you skin care needs are concerned. A long-time Summit County local, I am especially knowledgeable in the effects of Colorado’s high altitude and dry air on both young and aging skin.

Each therapeutic treatment you’ll experience is custom-designed to help you look and feel your absolute best in your own skin. Pampering meets Purpose to leave you refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed.

Permanent make up specialist

Ask me about Permanent Make Up (Micropigmentation)! Imagine waking up with natural beauty enhancements that don’t smudge, smear, or disappear. Results can be as natural or as dramatic as you like. Discover the freedom of Permanent make up, learn more here.

I look forward to meeting you

Schedule an appointment today at my Summit County, Colorado skin care studio and you’ll be taking your first step to discovering how amazing you can feel and look!